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Tell Your Pediatrician To Come To You!

Picture this... Your child is sick, so you drag the sick child and any other child with you to the pediatrician office. You sit waiting with your kid, who has a fever, trying to comfort them while watching the minutes tick by. You wonder what other illnesses you or your other kids may be getting in the waiting room. You are finally called back to an exam room where you wait again awhile to see the doctor. You try to entertain the sick kid and contain all the other kids you have in this little 5 by 8 room. When the doctor comes in she exams your child and tells you to give them tylenol and call the office if she gets worse. You finally drag you and the kids out to the car to go home and wait out the illness.

With 10 kids I am very familiar with dragging tons of kids into the local pediatrician office for check ups and sick visits. If I added up all the minutes I have had to wait for the pediatrician appointment, it would add up to days or weeks of my life. I quickly learned that a visit to the pediatrician office would be a new virus hitting me and all my kids shortly. It was the price I paid going in. It was difficult, but I kept hoping someone would invent a better way to get care for my children.

Guess what? A new option is in town. A couple of wonderful pediatricians have changed their way of caring and are following a more mom centered stye. The pediatrician now comes to you! That means no waiting, no illnesses from other kids, no office, and no dragging all your kids with you because you one child is sick. This new option saves you time and money. You know exactly what each visit costs and won't have that dreaded bill come later to tell you that you owe more than was originally quoted. One other cool perk is that you have the cell number of your pediatrician. You can talk to her directly with out talking to a nurse who is screening you calls.

You might be thinking, "Is this real? How do I get this pediatrician for me?" It is really simple. Give them a call and set up a free consult.

In Nashville contact Dr. Vidya at Dr. Mom Pediatrics.

In Franklin contact Dr. Holly at LMNO Pediatrics

I have heard some people say they are worried about the cost since these pediatricians don't take insurance. It is a simple monthly membership. There are no hidden fees. Plus, if you need lab work done, it is way cheaper than it would be in a normal pediatrician office.

I love how you can have the pediatrician at your finger tips and how they come to you: saving you time and money. Plus, your child gets their physicals in the safety & privacy of their own home.

I think it is a fabulous new way to care for our children. It is exciting to see doctors offering new options to families and working to center care around the family's needs.

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