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Is Your Nest Ready For Your Baby?

When we get pregnant we are so excited about this new life. We move forward and prepare for birth through education and buying supplies; blissfully unaware of the many ways we should be preparing. Do we take a moment and ask if we are emotionally ready for a new family member? How will this birth and baby change my current lifestyle and emotions? Is it even possible for anyone to be truly prepared?

Fortunately, there is an amazing group in Nashville who is dedicated to helping you be the healthiest you emotionally whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or in the postpartum period. Ready Nest Counseling offers the traditional one on one counseling and they also offer free mom support groups for connecting and learning. They want you to be ready for this phase of life.

Now they have opened up an opportunity to share their talents to help families all over the country by offering teletherapy visits and some online courses that you can take at your own pace.

The first one they have just opened up for enrollment is Heal Your Birth Story. As a doula I listen to many stories and see the burden some moms carry from the past. I do my best to listen, but lack the training to help much with the healing. My heart breaks as I hear them repeat the current mantra of "we just want a healthy mama and healthy baby." Well, there is more to a birth than physically healthy. The emotional wellbeing is also very crucial and needs to be considered. This course can be an easy first step to your healing. If you sigh when you tell your birth story or say things like "at least I got a vaginal birth" or your birth story fills your body with tension, it is time to look at it and find healing. I am so excited that this option is now available and feel that many moms will learn to love their birth story. I am going to sign up and start working through mine.

To check out this awesome course, click here. If you want a discount code, email me and I will share it with you.

I have always been a firm believer that your birth story matters. Our stories change us for good or ill. Our stories can also help other people find strength to carry on. Plus, our story can help bring healing to others as we realize that we are not alone and that our story is important. Please take a moment to share your birth story on our forum. You matter and are very loved!

I had a great interview with Emily from Ready Nest Counseling and you can meet her too in my video!

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