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Fun CPR Class For New Parents

I recently signed up for a CPR class in Nashville. I worried that it would be long and boring, but I was really surprised.

Grace was very entertaining and the time passed quickly. She gave us cards to remember the steps she taught. We also got to practice CPR on the dolls so it was not just a listening class, you also got to practice what you learned.

Grace shared several scenarios and then had us practice her simple easy steps. This made CPR less scary. One new thing I learned is that they are not having you check for a pulse anymore. It was found to delay needed care.

If you are a professional and need to certify in CPR, it is simply done by staying after her main class to learn more and take the test on the adult dummies. Grace makes the class, fun , affordable, and easy.

If you want to meet her through my Vlog go here:

Grace has tons of classes available. One new thing she offers is a CPR party in your home. Visit Precious Hearts CPR (626) 840-2420

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