• Rebekah Porter

Postpartum Depression

So many women suffer from postpartum depression and baby blues, but we don't talk about it. I myself have always had dark days after my babies were born. I felt alone and barely living as I struggled to eat, sleep, bathe, feed baby, and keep family life going smoothly. I was embarrassed to have anyone over because I felt like my world was slowly crumbling around me. My head got so dark and I was afraid to talk about or people would see me as crazy. I also had thoughts about throwing my baby down the stairs. These thoughts scared me because I loved my baby and did not want those thoughts to rule or be in my head. Guilt and shame were so loud! It seemed an endless battle that I would never rise above and just retreated into my hidden space in my head.

How do you come out of that dark space? For me it was a friend. She came over and helped hold my baby so I could sleep or take a shower. That little act of kindness helped me to feel stronger and to tell the dark thoughts to be quiet.

I know other moms suffer in silence like me. I wanted to tell them that you are not alone! There are local resources to turn to. I listed some of them below. Please reach out to someone and talk about it. The days will be brighter soon.

To learn more, please refer to my postpartum page. Postpartum Support International  is "dedicated to helping women suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders." Birth Psychology The Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Postpartum Dad "Helping Families Overcome Postpartum Depression (PPD)"

Ready Nest Counseling has monthly free support groups.

Some great counseling options: Laura Jenkins is a postpartum counselor:  Ljenkins604@gmail.com Amy Mosley  Hope Clinic "Offers pregnancy tests, peer crisis intervention counseling, referrals, post-abortion recovery, prenatal education classes, and pregnancy support groups."  1810 Hayes St  Nashville, TN 37203  (615) 321-0005

Lea Perkins 

Emily Pardy at Ready Nest Counseling

Ruth Bryant at Symmetry Counseling

Kelly Bourque (LMFT) BourqueLMFT@gmail.com 615.379.8091 (answering service)

Jaime at Courageous Path Counseling 615.274.9972 (Green Hills Area) "I am a psychologist specializing in maternal mental health. I do a lot of work with individuals going through infertility, including counseling as well as egg donor and embryo adoption assessments. Additionally, I work with women postpartum, which can include PPA/PPD, role transitions, and just the emotional journey having a baby can be. My hope is to help people have peace and understanding no matter where they are in their reproductive journey."

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