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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Sleep, a must have that as human beings we all require. Everyone young and old has various needs when it comes to their sleep environment and sleep totals. For new moms adjusting to the change in our own sleep habits can be taxing and tough as we work through our ‘new sleep’ regime during this time. The newborn phase can be hard, but it is important to remember yourself and some important basics when it comes to sleep. #momneedssleep

Sleep Essentials For New Moms:

• The first month there are a few important items to remember:

o Rest

o Rehydrate

o Meet your babies needs

The first four weeks can be overwhelming and it is a period of adjustment for everyone. Number one, it is important to sleep when your baby is sleeping. Your baby will be sleeping often the first few weeks, take advantage while you can, as all other daily items can wait. You have just experienced a major event, giving birth to your child and your body needs to heal and recover. Your baby will be eating, pooping and sleeping around the clock. Making sure you have meet their needs along with your own are most important during the first month.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate- As mama’s we tend to forget about ourselves, it is important to drink plenty of water and give your body the right nutrition so you are feeling at your best, at least the best you can feel during the newborn phase. Keeping your body fueled and hydrated is key, I suggest having several of your favorite cups to place around the house so you always have water available. My favorite is the Yeti cup, or the generic Walmart brand, which is cheaper and just as effective. This cup will help keep your water nice and cold for many hours. Also, have some of your favorite foods in your fridge or pantry so you can quickly grab a bite to eat.

• Invest in a good swaddle- I hear it non-stop my baby hates the swaddle and fights it constantly, so we decided not to use the swaddle. Finding the right sleep swaddle is key at the newborn stage. My go to is the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack. You can zip up the baby and then wrap them tightly. Too many times the baby is not wrapped properly creating a fight from the baby. The proper swaddle can also console a fussy baby during the day and night. Click Here to check out the proper way to swaddle your baby.

• Keep your baby on a simple time frame. Having an official wake time for the day will help you see easier their feedings, awake time and sleep periods in a 24-hour period.

• Keeping a detailed log of baby’s schedule, the times baby eats, sleeps, awake time, and fussy periods this will help you adjust day to day and see where you may need to change the plan.

• Ask for help, there are so many methods, programs and advice out there that it can become overwhelming and frustrating for parents. It is important to remember that you and your child require a plan that meets your specific needs. A certified sleep consultant can evaluate your situation and get all the details about your child and their history to complete a realistic plan to put into place to address and meet their needs along with your families.

• The National Sleep Foundation is a great go to resource for new and seasoned mothers. Click Here for a short guide of helpful information for each stage for your child.

• Do not feel compelled to compare yourself to others and what accomplishments their baby has achieved. Every child is different and each age can have challenges, meeting the basic needs for your own child is important.

• During the day have a more stimulating environment for baby. Blinds open, lights on, loud noises so baby can see the difference between day and night. During the night, slight light, quiet voices, minimal stimulation and keeping baby swaddled during feeds is important. Some babies, this includes my newborn at this time, are too drowsy if swaddled during the night to feed. Therefore, I do not swaddle her until after the feeding to lay her back down.

• Check into a pediatric chiropractor. I have taken all three of my children and they work wonders. Yes, I took my newborn baby at 10 days old to keep her wellness in check. It is all by touch they have special techniques they work with for infants and children. If you are in the middle Tennessee area check out Dr. Norma Fisher or Dr. Kristin Walkerwicz, both phenomenal chiropractors that work with infants and children. You can go to ICPA.com to see if your chiro is certified to work on infants.

• Breastfeeding mothers, positioning is important. Each of my three children breastfeeding has been challenge in the beginning as each of my children have a very small mouth and tight jawline causing extreme pain for me and not ideal latching. Even with my third baby I reached out for help and support. This is always a work in progress the first month and working to keep good positioning while baby eats is important. Do not be afraid to reach out to a lactation specialist for help, it will make a difference to have a positive breastfeeding experience from the beginning.

• Eat, play and sleep are important aspects to incorporate into your daily routine for you and baby.

• Remember to ask for help; I know as a mother of three asking for help can take a hit to my pride at times. We want to conquer the world by ourselves, but asking for help will help you keep your sanity and be beneficial for your baby.

• Know when to ask for outside help such as a sleep consultant or seeking a counselor if you are feeling the effects of post-partum. Many times you have tried it all, read it all, implemented many strategies on your own, but still have not found the right plan. The newborn phase is in a league of its own and there is a great deal of sleep education and sleep foundations to be implemented, getting help early on can help set a positive sleep environment from the beginning.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions and I am always happy to help. Taking care of yourself, your baby and your family are first priority. Email me kelley@serenitysleepers.com and head over to my website for more blogs and information. www.serenitysleepers.com #serenitysleepers

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