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Williamson County Medical Center Childbirth Class

Childbirth Educator at Williamson Medical Center
One of the childbirth educators at Williamson County Medical Center.

First, I want to say that I am not pregnant (for any of you who might be jumping to conclusions). As a doula I make it my priority to know about all the local resources. I was curious about the birth class offered at Williamson Medical Center, so I decided to attend the 2 day class and experience it myself. I met Tammy, who was teaching that day. She was very welcoming and her fun personality made the class enjoyable and time passed quickly.

Childbirth Class books
The great class materials.

Every attending couple got a great workbook and folder of information to be discussed in class. She covered so many great topics in a fun interactive way. To teach us about contractions, she had us birth a ping pong ball out of a balloon. My delivery was speedy as my ping pong ball shot across the room. For another activity she wanted to show a dad what it was like being pregnant. She had him put on a backpack and then filled it with rice bags to simulate a pregnant mom and her increased blood volume. After that the dad seemed to appreciate how hard it was for his wife to be pregnant with a heavy baby.

Childbirth educator teaching
Sharing her love and enthusiasm for childbirth.

Many times I laughed while learning from Tammy. If you are pregnant, I would recommend her class for a last minute childbirth class before you go into labor. She covered so many topics from nutrition, to labor, to giving a tour of the unit. It was so fun to spend the time with lots of pregnant couples and a teacher who is excited to teach about childbirth and babies.

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