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Mayan Massage Anyone?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Meet Kari Jenkins.....She is a massage therapist in the Brentwood that does Mayan Massage #MayanMassage). This type of massage is used

"to restore optimal blood flow, lymph, nerve, and energy flow throughout your body. Arvigo® therapy improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen. This type of gentle therapy facilities a return of health and well-being in your body. "

I had my 10th miscarriage the month before and wanted help to be more healthy. Mayan Massage sounded like just what I needed. Who doesn't want to be more healthy? Time to check it out myself. #bringiton

I got a morning appointment and Kari greeted me with a big smile at her cute cozy office. We chatted a bit and she took time to ask about why I was seeing her today. I loved that she next took time to explain the history of Mayan Massage and what would happen during the massage. I could tell that she really cared for my comfort. She left the room while I got undressed and slid under the sheets on my back waiting for her to come back.

I took a deep breath and focused on relaxing while I listened to the gentle music in the warm dim room. Kari's hands were gentle, yet sure of her motions while she massaged to relax muscles and increase blood flow. I became body aware when she found a hidden spot of emotions or tension, but soon even that was gone. She stopped several times to ask about if any spots were sore before she massaged some more. It was interesting to me to feel little zings or warmth as I focused on each part of my pelvis or back. By the time she was done I had slipped into a semi conscious state and was not ready for it to be over. She told me to lay there until I was ready to get dressed and she left the room. In the quiet stillness I stretched and felt grateful for my body and that I was alive. #gladtobealive #Godisgood My body is not broken, it just needs healing from sisterly hands and hearts.

I sipped my water on the way home and was glad that I had taken the time to nourish myself. It was not selfish or strange. As a busy mom of 1o kids, it was exactly what I needed. I was more energized and centered, ready for life. I am excited to see Kari again.

Kari Jenkins

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