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Holy Yoga Anyone?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Julie Smith Yoga

Meet Julie! She teaches Holy Yoga. Ever heard of it? Intrigued? I was too.

Women doing yoga

On Tuesday morning I took my little son, Levi, to have a yoga class at Art of Life Chiropractic. Julie has a great smile and welcomed Levi and I to her studio space. We started the hour with a bible verse that she shared with us. As we changed from pose to pose she would occasionally bring up that same bible verse again for us to ponder on. I was amazed how it resonated with me and I internalized it and I held the different poses.

Art of life chiropratic

I have done yoga for years and really enjoy the inner peace and deep stretch I get each time. But, this was different. She gave my mind something to work on while my body worked. My spirit was also strengthened at the same time. By the end of the class I realized that this was not going to be a typical day. I felt like I could do anything and I felt at peace with my body and God. Later that morning, I stopped in to another store and the sales lady commented that I was beaming. Yes, that holy yoga had made me feel happy and I was bursting to share it with others. I would love to feel that way every day and will definitely go back again.

She works with ladies of all levels of yoga experience and abilities. She teaches at Abundant Yoga Studio in Franklin and Art of Life in Nolensville

Instagram: www.instagram.com/juliereneesmith/


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