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Can You Afford A Baby?

What matters most to me is my family. Is it the same for you? After our first child was born, we realized that we needed to financially plan for the future, but thought we would do it later. Does that sound familiar?

Fast forward 18 years. We now have 9 kids and our first ready to go to college. We have scraped by for many years, but now it is time for him to go to college and he will need at least $10,000 a semester. Government loans and scholarships don't cover all of it and he needs to go for 8 semesters. That is $80,000 for our instate school. We don't have that cash nor the room in our budget. What are we going to do?

One day I was talking to my brother and he told me that he was getting a college savings account for his baby. My mind was blown! What an amazing idea. I could have started this 18 years ago and turned a small amount of money into college funds.

Why had nobody ever told me about this idea? In pregnancy we buy clothes and cribs and stuff for the baby as it grows. Nobody helps us to understand how to plan financially for the future. Plus, we assumed that getting someone to help us with that would be very expensive. I was wrong!

Meet Daniel Cage at Parent Financials.

Our sole purpose is helping you plan for what matters most.

I had a great consultation with him last week and even brought my toddler with me. It was awesome! He talked to me in very simple language about the assets and debts we had and how to plan for our dreams in the future. I loved how it was very much on my brain level and non of that confusing terms like "compound rate" "investment portfolio". I just wanted to know what to do now, so my future would be different for my other kids.

Call Daniel today at 615-309-6469 to make an appointment to create a financial readiness checklist. Mention that you saw him on Blissful Birthing TN to get your free consultation in your home or in his Maryland Farms office.

Do your kids a favor....Take a little time now, to help ease your life in the future.

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