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5 Star Pediatrician for Years!

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Lisa Storr

I have heard Dr. Lisa Storr's praises from many moms for years. I have recommended her too and decided it was time to see this amazing woman.

She was everything I imagined: fun, patient, educated, and sweet to my child. I felt like she listened to all my worries, acknowledged them, and offered me options. It is so refreshing to see this in a doctor.

I will still recommend her whole heartedly, but I am so sad because I just found out that she is leaving Capstone Pediatrics. I will keep you posted if I find out where she goes next.

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Update: Dr. Storrs just opened a new office in July. It is called Storrs Pediatrics and is located off Old Hickory Road in Brentwood. Look her up and see if you love her as much as we all do. Plus, she is very supportive of you vaccination decision and that is rare around here.

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