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Say Yes To The Dress: 5 Best Labor Gowns

Most of us love spending time watching the popular TV show, Say Yes To The Dress. We remember how we dreamed about our wedding dress and took so much time to find the perfect dream dress for our special day. Your wedding was a magical time filled with amazing memories and the dress was a very important piece to that joy.

Now you are at another pivotal time in your life. Your baby will be here soon. The sweet little nursery is complete and your bag is packed. You are so excited! Wait! Have you decided what you will wear at birth? Most of us want to be comfortable during birth, but we also want to look good as well. Let's be honest, those hospital gowns are drafty, itchy, bum out in the open, and just not flattering at all. Plus, they are a one size and design fits all, but somehow don't fit anybody's body. Personally, I would not want pictures of me in that gown to be shown on the internet and to friends.

Why not get a soft sweet gown that is perfect for you and your birth plan? There are so many to choose from and are the latest craze. You are probably thinking, "Will the hospital let me wear my own clothes in labor?" Yes, you don't have to wear those big itchy hospital gowns. Find something you are comfortable in to wear while laboring. I buy mine and set it out to be my labor motivator during those last few weeks of pregnancy. I bought one that made me giggle with excitement every time I looked at it hanging in my room. I could not wait for labor to start. I dreamed of how cute I would look while laboring and about all the compliments I would get on the dress.

With so many options, how do you chose? I think that depends on what your birth plan is. If you are getting an epidural, you need to maker sure it opens in the back and front. If you are planning to wear it postpartum, you need to buy one that the chest opens easily so that you can breastfeed. Take a look at some of the wonderful options out there for 2020.

#1 My favorite is from Baby Be Mine.


  • I love the soft gown that kept me modest while I labored.

  • Plus, I could wear it during my postpartum time when clothes fit weird with my changing body. I planned to wear it a long time and it was perfect for my non-epidural birth.

  • Budget Friendly since it only cost $25

  • To breastfeed, you just pull down the stretchy neckline and expose one breast at a time.


  • No snaps on the belly for easily monitoring baby & keeping modest. It is a flap that opens all the way to expose your legs and entire belly.

  • For a tall person, these gowns fall mid thigh.

Click here to see all the great styles and designs.

#2 is Motherhood Maternity.


  • Their gowns are great for the mom who wants a soft gown with all the options.

  • There are a ton of discreetly hidden snaps. You can open a few snaps around your belly for monitor placing. It is also very easy for anesthesia to gan access to your back to place an epidural. Plus, when you are ready to put baby skin to skin right after birth, you give a gentle tug and the snaps open to easily expose your breasts to lay baby on. This dress is very versatile for all your needs.

  • Budget Friendly since it only cost around $30.

  • Gathered waist to create a loose fit


  • You don't have many dress print options

  • V-neckline is really low.

  • No sleeves can make you feel cold in labor

  • For a short person the gown falls below the knees

Check it out!

#3 Dress like the celebrities! Blake Lively shared that she chose The Frida Mom delivery gown for her birth.


  • This gown has snaps in the back for access for your doctor and snaps near the shoulders for breastfeeding.

  • Has sleeves

  • Pockets: I never needed a pocket in labor. But, if you are planning to wear this at home after baby comes, this could be a perk for you.


  • One downside is that if you are having a monitor placed on the baby, you will have to lift your skirt because there are no openings on the belly.

  • This style fits a little tighter. There are no waist gathers to give extra belly room.

  • To breastfeed, you will have to unsnap both top shoulder snaps to get access to your breasts to feed.

Check it out here.

#4 If you want a gown that comes in a wide variety of sizes and has velcro instead of snaps, check out Kindred Bravely Mama.


  • This gown is soft

  • Pockets

  • Velcro up the front/back/and chest instead of snaps. This creates a lighter weight gown.

  • Has sleeves

  • Many size options especially for larger women

  • Looser fit


  • Print dress options are not as cute and trendy

  • Velco: some moms feel that the velcro does not hold as securely and is placed too far apart on the gown.

Click here to see more options.

#5 This option is for you moms who want to wear a hospital gown or your own tank and sweats, but you care about your postpartum look. Many moms are buying a robe and swaddle blanket set for the postpartum time. Baby Be Mine, Gownies, and Milk Maid have some really cute sets. You can be picture perfect after birth and be comfy for your postpartum time.


  • Soft

  • Cute style selection

  • Mom and baby match

  • Great robe for labor and postpartum

  • Perfect for those moms who plan on wearing their birthday suit in labor


  • Not a laboring outfit unless you plan to labor in only a robe.

Click here to see more options.

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