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Do You Know Rebozo?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018



What is a rebozo and what does it have to do with birth?

Rebozos are gorgeous woven shawls originally woven in Mexico and tend to have vibrant colors or may have pictures depicting stories. As early as 1572, rebozos made a big impression on the Dominican friar Diego Durán, who wrote about this beautiful and unique accessory. Also, the famous artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), who was known for wearing vibrant colors and historical ensembles, popularized this hand-made accessory.

The rebozo has roots of over 500 years old. It was first used by women attending churches. Women would wear these shawls to cover their heads when going to church, as which was customary at the time. After a period of time, women began using these rebozos as shawls, to carry infants, and are now used also used in pregnancy and birthing.

I recently went to a workshop hosted by an expert rebozo trainer Rebekah Porter of Blissful Birthing TN. She shared some amazing techniques that women can use for relaxation, positioning of baby, and pain relief. It is a great tool for moms to use on their own, with their partner and/or with their doula.

The rebozos used for birthing vary in material and size. A good rebozo for birthing is about 9-10 feet long and made of woven material that is not too stretchy. They usually have tassels on both ends and vary in color.

One of the most well-known birthing techniques used with the rebozo is called the double-hip squeeze. This is a great way for laboring moms to open their pelvis and is helpful with pain relief.

Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can discuss more about the rebozo and what it can do for you during your pregnancy and labor.

Mindy Friebel

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