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Could You Lose Your Job Because You Are Pregnant?

Can you imagine working every day, but hiding your pregnancy from your boss and co workers. Not even able to share the exciting news or get sympathy for morning sickness? What about the women who get pregnant and work hard the whole time, except the last few weeks of pregnancy they live in fear of being fired. I have worked with many of these women who have hidden their pregnancy because they feared being fired or not hired for a job. Well, I have some good news for you! It just became a federal law that they can not discriminate against you for pregnancy.

Starting June 27th, The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act came into law after many years of dedicated work by an amazing group called A Better Balance who has been working for all women everywhere to improve work conditions.

"We at A Better Balance are proud to have led the movement to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act for a decade (as we highlighted in our new report, "Winning The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act") and we are thrilled that as of today, this law will make a difference in the lives of millions of pregnant workers, moms, and families. "

Please take time to learn about your rights today. Stop living in fear of losing your job due to pregnancy or pumping for your baby to have food. A Better Balance made a great resource for all women. You can check it out here in English and Spanish.

Thank you A Better Balance for helping all women across America feel more confident about keeping their job and ending discrimination.

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