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Baby Formula Recall & Shortage

We are concerned with the formula shortage and we are also hearing a lot of incorrect information being shared about making your own formula and watering down the formula you have to make it go farther. We want your baby fed and cared for and some of the ideas being shared can cause harm to your baby or even hospitalize your baby. The formula your baby gets is carefully calibrated for mineral and salt intake. Changing any of these ingredients could cause a deficiency in their body. As a certified lactation consultant I caution you to think, research, and consult with your pediatrician before changing what you are feeding your baby.

If you were not aware of the formula recall, here is a chart for you:

We want to share a trusted source for you. Please visit

Here are some ideas to help:

1. Contact the formula manufacturer and get some cans straight from them.

2. Switch to a different formula. Here is a formula comparison chart:

3. Contact pediatricians and see if they have any sample cans.

4. Look in other areas that have less people and see if cans are available in their stores.

We are sad that moms have been placed in this hard situation and pray that it will resolve soon.

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