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Are You Allergic to Peanuts? This is One Peanut You Will Want in Labor!

The peanut ball is similar to the birth ball we all know well, but is pinched in the middle to resemble a peanut. It is great to use in labor. It has been shown to shorten labors by 90 minutes and to reduce your chance of C-section by another 14%. All the local hospitals have them for patients to use when in labor.

     Many moms use it in pregnancy to help them get comfortable and sleep at night. They place it between their legs. You can see pictures of this position here.    https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/peanut-balls-for-labor-a-valuable-tool-for-promoting-progress

You also might enjoy this fun blog: https://www.verywellfamily.com/labor-positioning-with-a-birth-ball-2759019.

      If you decide to get an epidural, using a peanut ball in labor is a must as it helps keep the pelvis open so the contractions are more effective.

Here are 8 labor tips:

1.Remember to change positions with the ball about every 30 minutes to an hour. Balance your use. If you lay on your right side, after 30 minutes, change to lay on your left side.

2. Make sure you have the right size peanut ball for your body size and type. If you have your "mother's thighs", you might want a smaller ball. Your legs should be in a natural position and not spread out too wide.

4. A peanut ball is great for those women who want to hands and knees and have been blessed with alot of cleavage. The dip in the ball makes room for those breasts to fall and not be pushed up in your face. You can even give birth in this position.

5. If your baby has a dip in heart rate, just change positions and see if that helps. It might take a couple of new position shifts until you find one that works best.

6. Use it in the labor tub. It floats!

7. Most hospitals in the area have peanut balls of all sizes. Ask your doula or nurse to help you with the peanut ball when you are in labor. https://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/useful-props-for-laboring-and-giving-birth

8. If you want to birth while laying on your side, use a peanut ball! Just place it between your legs.  You can then hug and pull up on the top of it while pushing.

Be creative when using the peanut ball. Stop using those hospital pillows that do not work and slide out of the bed! Every woman should have great support!

peanut ball
Use the peanut ball when you are on your hands and knees.

Place the peanut ball between legs

peanut ball in tub
Use it in the tub.

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