• Rebekah Porter

True Friends Never Get Old

Boys laughing

Moving was really hard. It takes so long to make new friends. I was lonely and so were the kids. For many months I tried to be happy and just work harder to find friends. Time after time I found groups around me that were nice, but did not want any new friends. After some tears and praying I realized that it was not defeat to ask to visit my old friends from before the move. I swallowed my pride and called a girlfriend. She was so warm and excited for me to come over. My heart was glad and my load lightened. I realized that instead of focusing on what I did not have I needed to be grateful for what I had been given.

The day of my visit I was a little worried about how we would fit after living in another town for awhile. My worries were unnecessary. My friend opened the door with a smile and a hug. True friends rock! The months of anguish melted away in that hug. I spent the rest of the day happy and watching my kids be happy. Even my littlest quickly reconnected with his old friend and ran around happily.

Pondering on this later I realized that I can't force friends to connect with me and that it takes time to make connections like I have with my friends that I have known for 12 years. I guess that I need to learn patience. Yeah, yeah...patience...how long does that take?

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