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I Want to Learn More About Cloth Diaper & Baby Wearing

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

So you are thinking about babywearing and cloth diapering? Great choice, but you might want a little support and guidance. The good thing is that you have several options here in the area.

Bambino Brigade on Facebook. "BB is a Nashville based activity community committed to baby-wearing, and outdoor activities.We believe that mamas should be able to take their little ones anywhere they go. Most of us are still nursing and know the importance of having our children close to us. We have moms carrying babies from two months up to 18+ months (on their back). Happy hiking!"

For cloth diapering, look into these resource:

Cloth Diapering Families of Middle Tennessee "This group is for families in the Nashville area who are cloth diapering one or more children (or have in the past) or wish to learn more about cloth diapering. Retailers and diaper service providers are also welcome, as are birth and baby professionals."

Rebecca will do cloth diaper consults for parents.

Before using cloth diapers, think about what style of diaper you want to use, liner inserts, pail liners, and if you want to rinse them before placing them in the washing machine. I recommend starting with a cloth diaper you can use as an insert of a burp cloth. The Bamboo inserts and wet bag are vital if you are out of the house much and if you want to help with leaking. The bamboo pads are highly absorbent and soft. I prefer them over the cotton ones, but they are usually more expensive. A quick parent note: Once baby starts leaking out of the diaper, trade up to a larger size insert and cover. It does not mean the diaper is failing, it means that your baby has outgrown that size.

Please also plan out where you will put the dirty diapers at home. I have used a pail filled with water, but that can be dangerous if you have other children. You can also buy a trash can liner so that the smell stays contained without needing the water.

If you are one of those moms who hate seeing stained cloth diapers ( I am one of those) then buy the black bamboo inserts. They are very absorbent and you will not see any stains due to the dark color of the liner.

Some moms like to rinse their diapers before putting them in the washer or bag. Many parents use a sprayer to try to get the poop and urine off before washing in the machine. I found it too cumbersome and just dropped them in my washing machine, but you might like to try it.

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