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Sometimes I Need More Kids

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Kids eating Chick fil a

So, I have 10 kids and many of you might be overwhelmed by that number. The truth is that sometimes I am overwhelmed too, but sometimes I need more kids.

"More kids?Are you crazy?" you are probably thinking this right now..

No, I am not crazy. Some days the kids try to fight and kill each other. OK, most days the kids fight and try to kill each other. (I am trying to be honest) When I have other kids hang out with me and the kids, my kids are better behaved and more fun to be with. They play with each other instead of having me spending all my time refereeing. Now, that is helpful to me. It is a break.

Are all extra kids a benefit? No, there are some kids that make my life harder because they fight with my kids or don't listen to me as a mom. Those kids don't come back to play and that is ok.

So, roll with parenthood. If you need a break, take on another neighbor kid and see if it helps. In the above photo, we had a blast at Chick-Fil-A with full bellies and friends to distract them for hours. I was a smiling mom with more than my usual number of kids.

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