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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

I am a mom in Nolensville, TN of 10 kids covering the ages of 3 to 23. Life gets busy at times, but overall it is good. I wanted to start a blog about life from my view point. Some days I feel like I am in a reality show and am waiting for them to say "cut!" But, it never happens and I just get to keep winging it.

Here is my first honest truth.....My house gets messy. I have killed myself trying to keep it magazine perfect, but it stresses me out. The truth is that I constantly have tons of kids moving things around the house and bringing more junk into the house. I am the constant purger. I fear that if I stop, I will get buried under it all and nobody will miss me. Every night I have to sort things out of my room that do not belong to me before I can go to bed. This is life and I need to get comfortable with it. 25 years with the same patient man and I still expect things to settle down...Not happening anytime soon. God keeps sending me the message that He is around blessing me if I will let Him and stop trying to control and run my show. This blog is the start of my journey with truth. Enjoy! #Notsupermom #momof10

messy living room

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