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Dreamy Postpartum Time

Are you anxiously awaiting the birth of you baby, but unsure what postpartum will be like? You are like so many other moms out there who are planning, but wondering if they have done enough. The main question you might ask yourself is: "Who will be with me after baby is born to help with the transition?"

One thing we lack in our country is good postpartum support. Other countries allow their moms and dads to stay home with their baby for up to a year. That would be incredible if we had it here. What really happens in America is that you are seeing your doctor every week and getting great support up until your baby is born. After that it is silence and very little contact until you are 6 weeks postpartum. Why do we assume all is well after birth? There are so many changes that happen not only within our bodies, but our life has to adjust to a new person being added to the mix. Now throw in a c-section recovery and the fact that most of us don't have any family support and you have a perfect storm.

It is also not uncommon for the new mom to feel alone and hormonally crazy. Many times she wonders if she will make it back to civilization. So often she feels alone. forgotten, ostracized, with fluid coming out of many parts of her body. Nobody truly prepared her for this and it is no surprise that postpartum depression is on the rise.

Pitocin use is also on the rise at births. It is just like your natural made oxytocin and should make you feel good, right? Wrong! New research has come out about pitocin adding to postpartum depression, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA said ,"For women with a history of depression or anxiety, oxytocin exposure increased their risk of postpartum depression or anxiety by 36%. For women with no history, peripartum oxytocin increased the risk by 32%. This was true for women who had either cesarean or vaginal births." So, that depression you felt after baby was born could have come from the medicine you got while in labor. You felt like the pitocin was necessary for your birth, but nobody told you the risks for postpartum depression. It is almost like the cards are stacked against you.

So what can you do to have a wonderful postpartum time? It starts with good support from family, friends, or a postpartum doula. They can come in and help mom sleep while maintaining the household. First time moms benefit from having the female friendship and the chance to ask questions as she transitions to a new normal. A mom who has had several kids could benefit from having someone to help with the other kids including feeding and playing with them so she can rest.

If you don't have family that can come help, consider hiring a postpartum doula. She will help care for mom and baby and ease the postpartum time. Hire one today and experience a dreamy postpartum.

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