• Rebekah Porter

Doulas, Even with COVID-19 You Have Options!

Good afternoon doulas! I have been thinking of you and all the changes this virus is bringing our profession. Many families are having to pick only 1 person to go with them to birth and can't bring their doula or photographer. This is emotionally distressful. I have a proposal to help ease their mind. As doulas, we are all about education and options. Here are some options for you.

  1. Tell your clients that you will labor at home with them and then be their virtual doula via Facetime, skype, etc.

  2. Labor at home as long as possible and tell them that you will compensate them postpartum hours for the hours you were not able to be in the hospital with them.

  3. Push back. The CDC has not asked to limit visitors unless they are old or medically fragile. Our clients do not fall into that category. AWHONN says that we are essential to the maternity care team. Clients need to talk to their doctors about what they want. https://awhonn.org/

  4. Pick a different hospital that has a more supportive policy. If you want to see what the latest policies are, go here https://www.blissfulbirthingtn.com/nashville-hospital-reviews

  5. I know this will only help with a birth client at Centennial or St. Thomas Midtown, but here is another idea. Use a doula who will not count in their 1 or 2 support people count. At St. Thomas Midtown or Centennial, ask for one of their staff doulas.

  6. Your client can choose a homebirth. If your client wants to keep seeing their doctor and wants to birth at home, it is possible. The midwife I connected with will only charge $500 for the birth. The client will need to have a copy of her record and be taking iron, but it is an option. You can contact me for more info if you want.

Remember that this is only for a short time. If you are prepared, ye shall not fear. :)




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