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Be the Healthiest You Possible!

Are you happy as you are now? Would you like to change? Here are a few simple steps to balance you and get started.

1. You are what you eat! Your mom might have told you that often, but it is true. If you have headaches, fogginess, or other chronic issues, it could be coming from the food you eat. Try to eat foods that are as close to home grown as possible and limit your restaurant eating.

If that is not an option due to lifestyle or other restrictions, consider taking a vitamin that does not have folic acid in it and is close to the original vegetables and fruits you should be eating. Look into Juice Plus+ (or talk to Tracy) and see if that change lifts your brain fog and gives you more daily energy.

If you are not able to make a big change today, then start by replacing what you normally drink with water. That small change can help to give you more energy and clarity of thought.

2. Ground Yourself! How long has it been since you went outside and took your shoes off or played in the dirt with your hands? There is something therapeutic and healing that comes from connecting to Mother Earth again. We all need that reset.

3. Elevate Your Spirituality! Meditate, ponder, read your scriptures, go to church. Unblock that flow of the Spirit. This will help you find more joy in life.

4. Exercise Daily! Get outside and walk every day. You will be amazed at how that will lift your daily outlook and energize your brain.

Starting your pregnancy off in a healthy way can make your birth and postpartum healthier and happier. Start the change today!

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