• Rebekah Porter

BBTN COVID-19 Safety Measures

Good morning,

As of this morning there have been 18 positive COVID-19 cases reported in Tennessee. We are continuously monitoring and assessing the ongoing new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Tennessee Department of Health. To keep updated, go here https://ncov2019.live/

We have seen several hospitals change their policy to limit support people at birth to 1 or 2 people depending on the hospital. This is only currently in place at 2 of our 7 local hospitals. Hopefully, with spring coming they will relax the policy soon. We know that you have hired us to support you and we are striving to do it to the best of our ability.

Here is our plan going forward:

1. Keep you informed as the hospitals adjust their policy in regards to birth.

2. If your birth is in a hospital that only allows 1 support person, we will labor with you at home as long as you want. If we can not go with you into the birth room at the hospital, we will still be on call for you if you change your mind and want us to come trade out with your husband. We know that you paid for birth support, so to honor that we can be available via phone or video call while you are in the hospital. We will also compensate you with 8 postpartum care hours if we are restricted from attending the hospital part of birth and you don't choose the option of using us via video or phone during your birth time in the hospital.

3. If your doula has a fever or cough, another fabulous doula from our team will attend your birth and support you.

4. Our birth doulas will wash hands before starting your prenatal visit and wash before leaving.

For your health we recommend frequent hand washing. We also suggest that you plan to labor at home as long as possible to lower your risk of exposure to the virus in the hospital.

We have faith and trust that all will be well, but wanted to update you on how we are working to keep you and your family healthy.

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear



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