Congratulations on choosing a midwife! Please answer the following questions to see if this matches your dream.

How do midwives differ from doctors?

Doctors traditionally have short prenatal visits with you and only turn up at your birth when you are ready to push the baby out.  They also have the training to perform c-sections.

Midwives (CNM's) prenatal appointments generally last an hour and they ask about your well being. They stay with you during most of your labor and can do everything a doctors does. But, they can not do c-sections.

Recommended Midwives (CNM's)

These midwives deliver at the birth center or at Vanderbilt Hospital. Prenatal visits are at Baby + Co.

Midwives in the school of nursing that deliver at Vanderbilt Hospital.

They deliver at St. Thomas Midtown and Centennial

This group of midwives delivers at St. Thomas Midtown. They are supporters of all kinds of birthing moms, even VBAC.

100 Oaks Midwives

Midwives from the school of medicine that deliver at Vanderbilt. They support the births at Vanderbilt Hospital 8 am - 5 pm weekdays. 

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