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Become a Doula in 1 day!

Always dreamed about supporting women in pregnancy and birth? Maybe you have thought about becoming a doula, but were unsure where to start. This one day training will be your springboard to your new doula career. 

Blissful Birth Doula

This training will help you quickly understand the Nashville birth scene and give you the skills to start your doula business. You can get support and connect with other local doulas and birth professionals when we add you to our Nashville Facebook group. After the training we will be here to answer any questions you have as you start your business and serve women. If you are interested, we will also send you information on volunteering as a doula in one of the local hospitals.

*This training requires 5 hours of virtual work to be completed before the training day. Once registered, you will get a link. Please complete them before attending the in person part of the class. After the training day there will be 4 more hours of virtual class work to complete.

Blissful Birth Doula Training Covers:

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

• The anatomy, physiology, and emotions of labor and birth

• The Standards and Scope of a Doula

• Code of Ethics

• Cultural Inclusivity 

• Informed Consent & Birth Planning

• Hospital Environment & Staff Jobs

• Hospital Policies and what to expect at a birth

• Epidurals and Cascade of Interventions 

12:30  Lunch Break


• Doula Tools including Rebozos and Peanut Balls

• Pain Reduction & Comfort Techniques Based on Neurophysiology

• Hands-on practice of Labor Support Techniques and Birth Scenarios

• Creating Space in the Pelvis

• Working with Challenging Situations

• Postpartum and Breastfeeding

• Additional resources

• Finishing your doula certification and mentoring


After completing the class, you will receive your certificate that you are trained via email and the exclusive digital Blissful Birthing Trained Doula badge in jpeg format. After this class you are a trained doula, not certified. To get certified, you will need to complete the 10 steps below. 

Read the trainer's, Rebekah Porter, bio.


Next Trainings:
Smyrna, TN
June 22, 2024
September 14, 2024

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10 Steps to Certification:

1. Attend our birth doula one day training (9 am -4 pm). If you attended a physical in person training from another organization, contact us because this could count towards your certification. 

2. Take a basics of breastfeeding class (online or in person) or be a La Leche Leader, Sign up for a lactation class of your choice, or pick one of the options below:



3. Provide birth doula labor support to 2 clients and their families.

4. Create a list of Local Area Resources (45 resources in at least 15 categories)

5. Attend a childbirth class in the hospital or an independent class  within the last 2 years (Free)

6. Go to Read 2 articles. Write a paragraph about each one.

7. Attend a Rebozo class by Rebekah Porter ($30) via video class

8. Attend Resolving Conflict in the Birth Room ($30) via video class

9. Attend a Baby Loss training  via video class ($30)

10. Connect to the community by attending 2 different group meetings. Choose between La Leche League, ICAN, Baby Wearing International, or Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition.

Certification Includes:

1. Training workshop taught by Rebekah Porter who has worked in the birth field for over 27 years.

2. (BBCD) credential: “Blissful Birthing Certified Doula” will be added next to your name to bring confidence and credibility to your business. Blissful Birthing has been in the Nashville community for over 11 years and is a trusted name throughout middle Tennessee.

3. Receive via email a digital Blissful Birthing Certified Doula badge to add to your websites and business cards (png and jpeg format).

4. Sample client intake forms, contracts, & birth plan templates.

5. Added to our exclusive Facebook page for Birth Professional where you can connect with other local doulas, ask questions, and get support.

6. Name listed on this webpage for others to find you.

7.  Lifetime Certification! Never have to renew your certification or pay a yearly fee. Certify once and be done!

8. Flexibility to complete the certification at your own pace matching your family needs.

9.  Email support from an established doula. I am happy to answer your email questions.


The website will be updated as trainings become available.

To register for the one day birth doula training click on the book a class button. If you want to pay via Venmo (@BlissBirth) or cash, email

I am excited to share my knowledge with you and help you begin your journey of serving birthing women to have a Blissful Birth. 

If you have any questions please contact Rebekah (

Hire a Trained Doula

Trained Doulas

Elizabeth  Elizabeth Ringer Birth Doula

Briana Buckley:

Courtney Baker: The Dazzling Doulas

Amanda McCaleb:

Elizabeth Ringer: 

Judy Edgell: 

Chloe McKinney 

Cierra King Peterson: 

Brittni Bates-Lester: 

Lisa Mullins: 

Dixy Sharkey:

Summer Watts:

Donnicka Hodge: 

Kristan Gipson:

Eugenia Thomas:    

Stephanie Borgman: 

Krystan Hall:  

Stephanie  Garthright:

Brittany Morefield 

Ashley Winslet  

Cynthia Sucher 

Connor Giddens 

Kaitlin Elizabeth Loux 

Daisy Schwenke

Sarah Winterscheidt:

Marci Hedegard:

Jenna Walker:

Amanda Standish

Nara Carvalho:

Amanda Bilyeu-Garrison:

Sanielle Townsend: 

Lindsey Bowden:


Lindsay Hamilton


 Ariel McCasland  (865) 223-8124 

Emanuela Balos (773) 396-0995 

Christen Waring 615605793

Emily Spicer

Denise Miller (615) 779-3997

Jessica Julius  Brown 

 Sierra Holmes (352) 362-1662

Lauren M. Hawkins

Julie Davis

Kiara Littlejohn 

Aalaizah Walden

Tanaya Larsen 

Tamara Carpenter (615) 480-8926

Bella Estes (802) 825-4455

Jacqueline klein (931) 306-9520

Briaunna Bonicelli (901) 308-9138

Carol Doyle  615-480-4552

Shanda Miller (931) 309-5877

Allison Deschamp (615) 970-8896



Brianna Lawrence:

Amanda Gronda:

BreAnna Russell:

Lindsey Hyman:

Natasha Simmons-Crutcher :

Mandi Reeves:

Renee Davis:

Michelle Eva:

Geralyn Smith:

Jonna Bell:

Katie Tucker:

Amanda Dobson:

Sherry Cravens:


Carolyn Paine:

Susan Echols,



 Carol Bingham:

Debra Kofie:


Shaina Chanel Steinmann:

Jodee LaVoie:

Tanja R Smith:

Daniela Cullen:

Leslie Exley:



Whitley Chamberlain:

Natalie Gilbert:


Sarah Swai:

Jolane Morgan:

Tekimbria Allen:

Melonie Tungate:

Emily Heggan:

Connee Bates:

Jordyn Blackwood:

Larriel Topps:


Alyssa Gilbert:

Chloe Hawkins

Lauren Ambrose

Sierra Creamer

Elizabeth Kinard

Sandie Griffith

 Elizabeth Frachick

JaNina Wright

Jessica Layman

Sarayah A Stewart

Danielle Settles

Betsy Jennings

Nadiah Gola

Katie Montie 

Loree Eaker

Chloe Penton

Mandi Snyder

Jessica Harris

 Utahna Brown

Kelly Brier

Elizabeth Thomas

Lyn Smith

Alyssa Morgan

Cicely Wilson

Heidi Thornberg

Candace J Rufus


Morgan Jane Mackey


DeVinna Joiner

Jillian Bradbury

Sharon Weaver Madison

Penny Forte

Caitlin Lankford

Alicia Daniloff

Susanna Fox

Susan J Ochart

Melinda Ledford

Enallia Beverly

Vanessa Pugh

Elizabeth Tompkins,

Yvette Hendree


Susan Drechsler

Lexi Dominguez

Daja Thomas

Rachel Maley

Rachel Gibbs


Denise Hill

April Wellikoff

Tabitha England

Alexi Humphrey

Rachel Anderson

Sandra Buchanan

Meghan Beutler 


Anna Aycock

Kristen Foster

Kellie Ashley

Kylie Halperin

Jolina Petersheim

Savannah Stark.

Aaryel Johnson Francis

Lara Parker

jo claudia austin

Angela Mitchell Hill

Natalie Bullion

Emily Walker

Jayd-Lynn Perez

Kimberly Vaughn

Brittany Vaughn

Shantanique Tolbert

Crystal Bojniewicz


Ashley Wojtas

Rachel Green

Trinity Sebranek

Catherine Durland

Hailee Creger

Chinita Pierce

Angelia H Weast

Adrian Hall

Stephanie Jenkins

Jenna Koonce

Briana Jenkins

Morgan Jones

Victoria Wells

Kimbra J Cunningham

Michelle Garland

 Stephana Northern

Thutrang Nguyen

Sounita Snodgrass

Sarah Riepe

Kimberly Taylor

Alexi Charko

Aniya Jones


Elizabeth Reed Betsy

Mija Nichols

Jennifer Pate

Domonquica Bluing

 Pamela Jakab

Regan Naumovski

Christina Fleming

Della Hopkins

Greta Osburn

Jasmyne Starr Chism

Kameka Word

Kelsey Lowder

Kelci McGee,

Kourtney Kirchmeyer

Madison Hall

Madison Sloan

Mary Kate Catignani

Natasha Mayfield

Regina Patton

Renee Harward,

Savannah Del Ray

Sonya Boykin

Stephanie Fromm

Tessa Hall

Victoria Faye Grubbs

Kameron Alexander

Kelsey Dirksen

Caroline Hardy

Cecilia Ozier-Martin

Lyssah Fry

Meghann Glover

Niokie Mimms

Marybeth A Prentice

Callie Silvers

Anna Stoltzfus

Amanda Misner

Amanda Pritchard

Leigh Valdes

Farran Watford

Corrie Craig

Julia Grace Clark

Tania mederos

Morgan Jones

Kristin Whittemore

Hannah Cullum

Tiana Springfield

Anne Catherine Lyons

If you have taken the training, please fill out the survey by clicking here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) With this doula certificate where can you get hired or what companies hire doulas? 

You can get hired with any doula group. The truth is that there is only a couple of  "doula" groups around here that hires more doulas and they only hire once a doula leaves their group which is not very often. Most doulas start their own business or band together to start a group. 


2)  Are we signing up only for a class to get info on how to become a doula or is it an actual course? 

You are signing up for an actual course. What I cover is listed above and will be a springboard to developing great skills to serve women.


3) Do we get a certificate simply for attending the class?

You will get a trained certificate at the end of the class that you will use if you want to volunteer at Vandy or keep on file for yourself. 


4) Do we pay extra for taking a test for the certificate ? If so, how much is the test?

There is no test. Just a fun day of learning with you to know you are going to be a great doula.


5) Is the certificate good only in certain state or all over U.S?

It is good in any state. No state requires a certificate. You can just start your doula work. If you want to be hired at a hospital, some of them require that you are certified through the organization they pick. 


6) How often do you have to retake the certificate test?

Never. Improving your doula skills depends on you. A test is not going to make you a good doula nor tell me if you are good at what you do. Your passion for learning and serving women will drive you to improve in ways that a test never can.


7) Does the certificate expire if you don't do doula jobs?

Nope! It is yours forever.


8) Do you have to report to the state that you are doing doula jobs for your certification to stay active ?

No state requires doulas to be trained or certified. It is not a job that is legally mandated in any way. Anybody can all herself a doula. It just makes the job easier if you have been trained. 


9) How much does a doula get paid per job?

A doula charges what she wants. Nobody and no law mandates that. A beginning doula charges about $350. A doula who is certified will charge about $600. A doula with tons of experience will charge $800 and up. It takes about 18 hard working months to start and grow your business.  Clients will not fall in your lap. You have to work to get them. 

10) What is a day in the life of the doula like?

That is a very tough question to answer. There are many ups and downs. It means having your cellphone on 24/7. It means leaving everything at a moments notice to run to a birth. You miss dinner parties and birthday parties. To get a better idea of the life, watch L A Delivery Girls.

If you are a trained doula and want more tips to get your business started, visit my new doulas page

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