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"Having Rebekah as my doula was great! Before the birth she talked with me and walked me through different scenarios so that she totally understood what I wanted in my birthing experience. It also helped me to think through some things I hadn't thought of! She kept in contact with me to make sure that I was doing well throughout my pregnancy. When my baby was breach, she talked to me about some homeopathic remedies to help her to flip the right way. On the day of the birth, she stayed with me when I wanted her there and helped me to stay mentally prepared as well as entertained. She helped my husband to know what to do to make me more comfortable as well. When we were actually in the hospital, it was so comforting knowing that she was there to fight for me to have the birth I wanted. It left my husband to focus on me and not what else was going on around. She also kept in touch after the birth to make sure I was doing well and didn't need anything. Rebekah really cared about me and my needs and my family. She is so kind and a great listener. What an asset to have at a birth!"           ♥, Amanda C.

"Rebekah has such a great personality and worked well with my husband and I. I was worried my husband would feel useless during labor and delivery but she made him my number-one assistant by helping him know what to do and how to comfort me and encourage me. She helped me know what to do to keep labor progressing, helped me breathe through the pain and kept me going when I wanted to quit. I'm so glad she was my doula because labor and delivery truly was a rewarding experience!"

                           ♥, Natasha D.

"Rebekah is an amazing Doula!  She instinctively knew what I needed throughout the labor, at times without me even having to give verbal cues.  Rebekah was upbeat at the right times and quiet and calm when I needed to relax and focus.  She is extremely knowledgeable about birth and is an excellent support person in every way.  I highly recommend her."                    ♥, Christy G.

"I first met Rebekah walking down the corridor on the way to L&D. We had spoken on the phone once or twice, and exchanged a couple of texts, but first met her at the actual hospital, when I was in actual labor. She immediately meshed with my husband and I. She stayed by my side and went above and beyond to make sure that I did not have to think about anything but the birth of my son. She was so kind and compassionate. My husband relaxed in her care as well. She even grabbed my camera and proceeded to take those all important 'first moment' shots, that I am so thankful for. I highly, highly recommend hiring Rebekah as your doula. She even wrote the most beautiful birth story for me. That was icing on the cake."                        ♥, Andrea G.


"Having Rebekah available at our birth was a huge help. She helped us with understanding what to expect. The most helpful part was the little things during labor. If we needed something handed to us she was right there. Also, helping us understand our rights from a medical standpoint so that doctors didn't just dictate how our labor went. Thanks for the help Rebekah!"                         ♥, Tammy

6 months pregnant and grasping for direction and mentorship, I decided to start researching Doulas in middle Tennessee.
I connected with a highly recommended birth supporter from Nashville. Her hands were full w/ a newborn but directed me to Rebekah Porter and NOBODY else. I immediately called with no hesitation.
I had an overwhelming amount of comfort, positivity, balance, open-mindedness, and warmth when I was with Rebekah. Her passion for being a Doula thrives on many levels but begins with the Mama. She also accommodates family by informing and connecting all who are involved in the experience. Even with tensions high, she still has the most angelic voice and keeps her composure like a professional.
Remembering the 48 hours I shared with this woman is hard to digest at times. I will say this, Rebekah helped me find the strength I couldn't feel during tough times. She is a genuine velvet brick and I highly recommend her for birth support and post par recovery.
I'm currently gaining my doula certification because of the positive impact Rebekah had on my birthing experience. She is a guiding light with a shining heart.                                                                                  ♥, Elissa S.

"There is a real and very compassionate person behind this website! Contact her! She got back to me right away and was very helpful and generous with her time. I highly recommend Rebekah Porter."    ♥, Kathleen Westfall, DMA

"You focused completely on me. I had your undivided attention for hours. Every single time I needed you, you were by my side encouraging me, supporting me, and letting me squeeze your hand off... Your very presence made a difference, without a word needing to be said."      ♥, Becci

"I love how you were able cull the perfect amount of information to get me started 50 different directions that I needed to go in. I also appreciated how my non-standard situation you are incredibly non judgemental even when it may or may not have been something you agree with. So much of what you shared was more than valuable it was life changing."         ♥, Sam

"I loved that you supported my hubs and me perfectly while staying in the background and allowing us to experience it together. You really helped Rob to know how to support me then let him do it. It was great knowing you were there and had our backs so we didn't need to worry about everything happening around us at the hospital."        ♥, Amanda

"Rebekah is amazing! I had a breech pregnancy and she made herself available to answer a million questions and talk me through different scenarios so that my husband and I could make decisions best for us and our baby. She found me resources, including a chiropractor who specializes in breech pregnancies. She always went above and beyond to assist me and to help me feel empowered. Our baby turned and Rebekah definitely had her work cut out for her, because I was in labor at the hospital for 32 hours! During this time she remained calm and patient despite her own sleep deprivation. The contractions became exhausting for me, and she used massage and suggested various techniques throughout my labor. Toward the end of labor we had critical decisions to make, and she had the expertise to give us information without ever pressuring our decisions. I can't imagine how my labor would have gone without her presence. Hiring Rebekah was the best decision we've ever made!"                                ♥, Leslie

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