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Melinda Ring
Oct 16, 2018

Bram's Birth

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I wish I could say I had no expectations for Bram’s birth, but I had journeyed through birth before – twice.  Owen’s birth had been long and tiring with days of contractions before he emerged into the world.  Caedmon’s had been surprisingly easy and quick;  he had slipped out into Daddy’s hands before the midwives arrived.

I was experienced.  I had confidence in my body to birth a baby.  I had a midwife I trusted and who trusted me.  I’d stayed active throughout pregnancy and felt good – strong.  This was going to be a quick and easy birth.

I had shown the midwives the birth kit in our bedroom and the adjoining bathroom.  I’d really appreciated water during my other labors and pictured myself spending time in the warm tub before the baby was born.

Sunday, September 1, I noticed a bit of blood-tinged mucous – a sign of changes in my cervix.  We did the morning chores – caring for the layers, the meat chickens, and Brownie and picking the produce of the garden – green beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  In the afternoon, we attended cousin Carter’s birthday party.  I had been having painless Braxton Hicks contractions throughout pregnancy, but that evening, the contractions felt “real.”  They were irregular and fairly mild, but I did have to close my eyes and focus through them at times.  Although I tried to rest, I didn’t get much sleep that night.

Monday, September 2 – Labor Day and cousin Carter’s birthday.  Abram was off work for the holiday.  I continued to have irregular contractions – some challenging, some not so much – through morning chores.  I cleaned the van and installed the baby seat while Abram finished the mowing.  As evening came, my contractions got closer, stronger, and longer.  We proceeded with our evening rhythm and during a family show, I sat on a birth ball and walked around the living room.

I got Abram to take a few pictures to remind us just how large I was and of the boys and me when I was a mama of two.

We called our midwife Jeanne, and Abram walked Caedmon to sleep.  Owen was very attentive as I continued walking around the dim living room pausing for contractions.  The second midwife, Joy arrived first.  I’d only met her on Saturday, and when she arrived and started chatting, I felt myself shift out of Labor Land.  Jeanne soon arrived, and I continued to walk and pause to breathe and focus through contractions which became more erratic as time passed.  The midwives set up the spare room for birth, and Jeanne checked my blood pressure and listened to the baby’s heartbeat periodically.

Owen went to sleep.  The midwives encouraged me to rest if I could.  While contractions were manageable when I was up, they were overwhelming if I tried to lie down.  Resting was really difficult.  Even the tub was uncomfortable.

Tuesday, September 3, we “got up.”  I’d rested a bit off and on through the night on the couch with Abram close by.  Jeanne and Joy had camped out on the love seat and bean bag in the play room.  No baby had arrived, and my contractions were sporadic.  We made a plan for me to try to rest while Abram took the boys out for a while (he’d arranged Monday evening for a sub at work), and the midwives went home.

Owen made fried eggs for breakfast.

Five hours alone in a quiet house.  Some rest.  Some moving. Tiring but bearable sporadic contractions.  Lots of visualization of my cervix opening.

When the Abram returned home with the boys, we had some lunch.  Jeanne had suggested climbing the stairs.  I’d tried resting so I thought I’d give the stairs a go.  One at a time.  That was okay.  Two at a time.  That was even better – but really tiring.  One at a time again.  Then two at a time once more.  More walking and sitting on the birth ball.

By evening, I was done – completely tired of exhausting labor that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I had a plan:  I’d stop the contractions.  I would just be really, really still, and make them stop.

Um, NOT.          

I broke down on the couch and told Abram I couldn’t do this anymore.  I worried that something was wrong that I’d never be able to have this baby.  I recall mentioning a baby with two heads.  Clearly I was not thinking straight anymore – stopping labor by being still and two heads.  Really?

Abram offered to call Jeanne again.  Nope, the baby wasn’t coming out.  No need to call.  He reassured me that I was strong and could do this.

Abram got the boys to sleep.

Meanwhile, I was in the bathroom alternating between hands and knees and sitting on the porcelain birth stool.  Abram came in and declared that it was indeed time to call Jeanne. I was sure it still wasn’t. Abram said the contractions were getting really close together and long. I was sure that they were so far apart that they had practically stopped. Abram got his phone and said that my contractions were lasting over a minute with less than a minute between the end of one and the beginning of another.  He was sure it was time to call Jeanne again. He told me how strong and beautiful I was.

He called, and we waited in the bathroom outside of time as contractions came.  Labor Land again - good labor, by candle light.  

Abram met Joy and then Jeanne at the door, and when I was ready, I asked to see Jeanne.  I asked for her to check my dilation.  I had not anticipated wanting any checks, but I was tired and wanted some reassurance.

I made my way to the spare room – not the bedroom where the boys now slept.  My blood pressure was still low; baby’s heart rate good; and my cervix was dilated 9 cm.  Very reassuring.

Jeanne left me and Abram to labor for a bit.

When I started feeling an urge to push, the midwives came in, and encouraged me.  I looked at the clock in the room and noticed that it was near midnight.  Until I began pushing , I had been really quiet during contractions, but I moo-ed as I pushed with each contraction.  I squatted near the bed.  I leaned into a giant stack of pillows on the bed.  It felt good to push.  It felt like eternity as I waited between contractions to push again.

My water began leaking out with each push.  Jeanne used warm washcloths with arnica oil for perineal compresses.  A huge gush of water!  As baby’s head began to emerge, she asked me to breathe through a contraction to allow my perineum to gently stretch around baby’s head.  On the next contraction, I pushed again, and baby’s head was out, but baby’s shoulder was stuck.  Jeanne calmly told me then maneuvered baby free.  It was rather painful and felt like she was spinning baby around like a corkscrew for a few moments.  (I later learned it was called Woods’ screw maneuver.)  I hollered.  I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t wake up – not to mention Owen and Caedmon in the next room.  And then baby was out.   He was here!  12:40 Wednesday, September 4.

I stepped over his cord and took off the dress I was wearing as Jeanne made sure he was breathing. I brought him to my belly and we covered him with dry towels as we waited what seemed like forever for his cord to stop pulsing.  Jeanne clamped the cord, and Abram cut it.  I moved further onto the bed and brought Bram to my breast to nurse.

Abram woke the big boys to meet their new brother.  Owen had longed for a sister, and Caedmon had most recently requested twins.  I think they both forgot as soon as they met Bram.

Jeanne gently massaged my uterus.  I massaged my uterus.  Bram nursed.  I took red pepper with juice.  Jeanne made tea with squaw vine and honey.  Two hours after Bram arrived, I finally delivered his placenta.  Jeanne checked – no tears!

Joy showed me the placenta as she examined it to make sure that it was normal and that all of it was there, then Jeanne and Joy did a newborn exam.  Bram was 20 3/4 inches long and weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz.

Abram and the big boys held Bram while Joy made up the bed with fresh sheets, and I took a shower.

Jeanne and Joy packed away their things and my things and put in a load of laundry. By 4 a.m., we were all ready for a bit of rest.  The midwives went home.  The big boys wanted to sleep with me and Bram, but Abram convinced them that pulling the futon in from the living room would suffice.  I snuggled my sweet baby boy, and went to sleep the happy mama of three boys.

Rebekah Porter
Oct 16, 2018

I love the patience and power you showed.

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  • Anihhya Trumbo
    Sep 28

    So I had what some have called the best pregnancy no complications, no morning sickness, no body aches etc so I assumed when my time to birth came I would be great. I remember going to my last appointment with my midwife and complaining that everyone around me was having their baby so she stripped my membranes in hope that I would go into labor because I was now 40weeks and measuring 41weeks and 4cm and 100%efface. 4 days later I am sitting at home watching tv and I remember I kept getting up to pee thinking I was peeing on my self I let that go on for a few hours (I wasnt having any noticable contractions) around 7pm I realize i wasnt peeing my water had actually broken. So I call the midwife tell her what going on and she advises that I can stay home until my contractions start or go to the hospital. I chose to stay at home walk a few laps around the neighborhood with my family and then around 10 pm I call my midwife again tell her I still haven't noticed anything but I wanna head to the hospital because she had told me that after my water broke I has 24hrs to have my baby. I arrive with my support system (10 people family and birth photographer) around 11pm. Once I get in my room I am told that my midwife has already said if I didnt progress more by 4 or 5 am to start pitocin. My contractions did pick on on their own and I was managing fairly well I was only annoyed with having to do hands and knees with constant monitoring. I get started on pit at 6am my labor progresses and I finally get to 5 cm around noon. After being on pit for a few hours my body jumps into gear and starts to contract strongly on it own so I was allowed to come off pit at that time. I then decided to get into the labor tub I stayed there for about 30mins before giving in and ask for staydol. All this time I have had about 10 to 12 people in the room and numerous phone calls which had its pros and cons of course. At around 2pm I ask for and epidural because I couldn't handle the back labor I was now 7cm. At around 430 pm I get sick and my mom informs the nurses and they decide to check my cervix I am now 9cm. My midwife come in and says im just about 10cm but my baby is sitting high which didnt help because my cervix was already hard to get to. At about 5pm pushing starts and right off the start I was pushing wrong because I was in fear of having a BM with everyone in the room. At that point my midwife ask everyone to leave except the 4women i want because my father and grandfather being in the room was hin ering me from being able to push the right way. I'm pushing and pushing with nothing to show in my mind so I automatically start to get frustrated I even remember my midwife asking if I wanted to use the mirror so I can see I'm making progress and I said " it's not going to make a difference he still isnt here" after almost a hour and a half of pushing my baby boy is finally here but he comes out not breathing so he was automatically taken to be worked on. Luckily I had people in the room that was able to care for me and keep me calm while the others were watching what was going on with my baby boy. Needless to say after the golden hour and everyone leaving I was so tired I sent my son to the nursery and allowed them to give him supplemental formula even though I wanted to breastfeed. If I could have changed one thing that I now know could have made a difference it would have been to hire a doula.
  • Rebekah Porter
    Oct 28

    This was my 9th pregnancy and I felt like it would be my last one. I was trying to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but I had several bouts of heavy bleeding and it was hard to stay peaceful. On Sunday (9am) we were in church and I felt a little grumpy and tired of being pregnant. I had a friend tell me she had dreamed that I had given birth. That lifted my spirits. My son was also singing happy birthday for no reason. I sat in church with my doula next to me and my friend touched my head. I grumped at her and my doula told me I was in labor and it was time to go home (11 am). I thought she was silly, but decided to humor her because I felt achy and did not want to be around people. My husband, kids, and doula went home and I have about 3 contractions while driving the 20 minutes home. Once home I crawled into bed to rest while my husband organized the kids to eat lunch. While in bed I had 2 contractions and my body told me to go to the hospital. Grumpily, I got up and walked down to the car. My doula and husband were surprised to see me willingly going to the car, so they hurried and jumped in with me. We drove to Vanderbilt University Hospital and I had a couple of contractions, but nothing intense. I kind of felt silly going to the hospital. I had a contraction getting out of the car, in the elevator, and one more as I walked into triage. The nurses at triage sent me straight to labor and delivery. I was surprised, but glad I could skip triage. My next contraction was really strong and I had to squat to relieve the intensity. The nurse would not take us to our room until we filled out our demographic paper. I told my husband to hurry! They then took us to room 6. I changed into a gown and then sat on the bed to be monitored and checked. I was 6 cm and 100% effaced. I was in labor and did not know it! It was now 5:20 pm. It was now 5:20 pm The anesthesiologist came into talk to me about epidurals. I had another contraction and rolled to my side and moaned through it. I instinctively tried to bite, but my husband said, "Don't bite me!" I suddenly stopped and then realized the doctor was still talking. She tired to get me to sign the form, but I couldn't because the contractions were requiring my focus. On the next contraction I felt like pushing and just let my body do it. The nurse asked my doula if I was pushing. My doula said, "Yes, get the doctor. " The Dr. rushed in and told me to turn on my back so she could check me. I refused since my contractions were worse when I sat down. Instead I turned on my hands on knees. My doula said, "Just check her like that." The Dr. said, "I can do that?" My doula said, "Yes!" The Dr. checked me and said, "Head!" She then told me to turn and lay on my back. I refused again and my doula whispered, "You can do this. Listen to your body. Do what your body says." On my next contraction I pushed the baby out. She was born at 5:39 pm. The baby gave a good cry and the Dr. let the cord pulse 2 minutes before offering my husband a chance to cut it. I told them about what I wanted regarding vitamin k and the other shots. Then, I turned over to hold my sweet new baby. They also offered me cytotec to control if I started to bleed. I refused and they looked surprised. I told them to wait and they could do it if I did start to bleed alot, but I did not want anything for "just in case." What a crazy fast birth! I did not even have time to take my socks off because I was thinking I had several more hours of labor. I guess not....

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