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Trinity Sebranek


Hello, I’m Trinity Sebranek, originally from California, grew up in Oregon and Georgia and finally settled down here in Tennessee. I enjoy doing jiu-jitsu, Crossfit, drinking coffee, and being with my family on the homestead.

I believe a women’s body was designed for the physiological process of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Every birth is different and has its own unique story. My goal is to help you feel confident and informed about your options, so that you can make the best decision for you and your baby. Babies are a gift, and I hope you will feel loved and heard for this incredible part of your life. Bringing new life into the world is a priceless thing.

I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve women in all walks of their birthing year.

To work as a doula, and to be able to be apart of this, is more than I could ask for. I want to give women the space and encouragement to know that giving birth is exactly what a woman’s body was created to do. One of my favorite quotes words it perfectly: “Just as a woman’s heart knows, how and when to pump, her lungs inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.” - Virginia Di Orio

BB TN Trained Doula.jpg
I have experience with:
    First time moms
    Non-medicated births
    Peanut Ball Use
    Rebozo for Comfort and Position Changes
    Medicated births
    Hospital birth
    Spinning Babies
    Breastfeeding Support
    Bottle feeding
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