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Katie Young-Ruiz


Hi, I’m Katie! I am so excited to be diving into this doula world with Blissful Birth. I am the mother of 5 children, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I am also a caregiver who works with the elderly population. When I am not working, or continuing my birth education and love for learning about all things Christ, babies, and caregiving, you may find me spending time with my family, dancing, doing yoga, exploring new terrain, especially spelunking (cave exploring!), or watching a good movie here and there!

My personal journey of birth grew more and more natural with each consecutive birth. I hands down loved baby #… home water birth best of all! Thank you Mary Ann Richardson, Gentle Beginnings!

There is something so empowering when women exercise their God given abilities, and bring their child into this world naturally, the way our ancestors have done for centuries. I love educating and empowering women to be their own Birth Boss (TM), from Plano Birth Center. As we tap into the inner wisdom God wired into our minds, bodies, and souls we can give birth freely and unencumbered by inhibiting interventions. I am aim to make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum a time you feel showered with care, knowledge, support, and true sisterhood of someone who has been where your are and will be lovingly by your side during this most magical time in your life!!

BB TN Trained Doula.jpg
I have experience with:
    Natural Births
    Water Birth
    Infant Care
    Postpartum Care
    Hospital Births
    Episiotomy Care
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