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Jessica Brown


I am Jessica and am personally grateful to have three beautiful babies that keep me busy! My husband and I settled down in south Nashville where we enjoy playing outside with our kids and dogs, long walks, yoga, cooking, and any form of community time.

My love for birth started with my first pregnancy. After suffering two miscarriages, one right after my husband left on deployment, I dove deep into the world of pregnancy and birth. With my reliance on the Lord leading me to understand what his will was, I became passionate about conception, pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. I believe a women is truly incredible and that our bodies were made to create and sustain life. Some of my favorite birth topics are evidence based care and the importance of informed consent, coping techniques during labor, baby positioning, and so much more! I enjoy listening to a birth podcast a day to learn more about what is going on in the birth world and staying up to date on new research.
I believe birth is a journey for your mind, body, and spirit and I love any opportunity to bring the Lord in to the birth room. There are so many ways for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood to look, and each story is beautiful and perfect in its own way. I am honored to be apart of each and every birth story I am brought alongside.

BB TN Trained Doula.jpg
I have experience with:
    First time moms
    Second time moms
    Non-medicated births
    Medicated births
    Miscarriage and recurring pregnancy loss
    Military care
    Home, Hospital, and Birth Center Births
    St. Thomas OR Certified
    Spinning Babies
    Peanut & Birth Ball Trained
    Rebozo Trained
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